2017 Liepos 27

Gyvos muzikos kanalas mėgstantiems kokybišką muziką: koncertai, festivaliai, interviu su garsiausiais pasaulio atlikėjais, vaizdai iš užkulisių.

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Ceelo Green: Loberace Live in Vegas

CeeLo Green's 'Loberace Live In Vegas' is an electrifying, musical journey into the colorful world of CeeLo's brainchild, 'Loberace' filmed live at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. It's packed to the rafters with girls, glamour and glitz, with CeeLo Green as the ringmaster of this technicolor circus. There are classic songs, provocative dance routines and a breathtaking array of costumes. This is the ultimate Las Vegas all-singing, all-dancing spectacular!
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Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Live at Montreux

After a break in the eighties Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer reunited in the early nineties and took to the road once more. In 1997 they made their debut at the Montreux Jazz Festival with a performance that included all their trademark virtuosity and showmanship. The concert includes classic tracks from across their career including 'Karn Evil 9','Hoedown', 'Take A Pebble', 'Lucky Man', 'Tiger In The Spotlight', 'Tarkus' and 'Fanfare For The Common Man'.
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Best Coast: Live at The Metro Theatre

Channeling the spirit of old school acts like The Ventures and The Beach Boys, Best Coast took us on a sweet surf-pop safari at their Sydney show. Riding high on the release of their second record ‘The Only Place’ (rated #14 in Rolling Stone’s end of year poll), indie vixen Bethany Cosentino, guitarist Bobb Bruno and band surged through their set of DIY hits like ‘Boyfriend’, ‘The Only Place’ and ‘Do You Love Me Like You Used To’. The endless summer starts now… enjoy the show!
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The Kooks: Live at Buffalo Bar

The Kooks formed in 2004 while all four members were attending the Brighton Institute for Modern Music, the rock school set up by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Paying homage to their influences, the group displayed an accessible mix of Brit Pop, Kinks-like hooks, and Libertines-style punk swagger. The Kooks are one of the acts at the top of the UK music scene and the band get very close and personal with their fans performing tracks such as 'Matchbox', 'Ooh La' and 'Sofa Song'.
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James Brown: Live at Montreux 1981

James Brown's electrifying live performances are legendary and his appearances at Montreux give ample evidence of this. This concert filmed in 1981 is undeniably one of his finest performances.
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Brian Wilson and Friends: Soundstage- Live in Las Vegas

Brian Wilson and Friends was recorded live in Las Vegas for Chicago television's prestigious 'Soundstage' program, in December 2014. The program features Brian Wilson's phenomenal touring band (including long-time Beach Boys sidemen Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar) along with special guests Mark Isham, Kacey Musgraves, Nate Ruess (front man of Fun) and She & Him.
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Avril Lavigne: Try to Shut Me Up Tour

17 year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne's debut album 'Let Go' has propelled her to international stardom with its combination of punky guitar rock and country style melodies. Filmed in Buffalo, USA, in June 2003, this concert captures the sassy rock style and raw emotion which is the key to Avril Lavigne's amazing success. Songs performed include: 'Complicated', 'Skater Boy', 'I'm with You',...